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Keeping Your Affair Secret, Thanks To:

  • Private Inbox At you can use our encrypted messaging service to keep your naughty messages with your potential affair buddies 100% secret. Our system is designed to keep your messages confidential and protect your anonymity.

  • Member Search In you'll be matched with people based on your profile but you can also use our search function to find your perfect affair. If our suggestions don't catch your interest, dig deeper and seek out someone that turns you on.

  • Members Live Chat Once you've broken the ice using our Private Messaging system you can choose to initiate a live chat with other members. This is a private connection between you and your new interest and will help you decide whether the initial sexual spark can burn further!

  • Anonymous Profiles We like our members to be anonymous until they decide willingly to share information with their prospective lovers. We discorage the use of real names and advise users to create a new email from one of the many free providers out there, to regsiter to the site with.

  • Your Perfect Lover Limiting yourself to your daily life or what society defines as normal is boring. With thousands of men and women to choose from on, you can let your wildest fantasies out and find others that have the same sexual desires or are just curious.

  • Confidentiality We pride ourselves on keeping your personal information private. This means not passing it on to third parties nor allowing any member that haven't been given permission by you, to even see your photos. It's up to you what you choose to share with other members and that keeps you safe.

Having a Secret Affair

With the advancement of technology has come the ease of being able to have an extramarital affair in secret. Why take risks with other social networks when you can join a community where everyone thinks the same way that you do. Join our dedicated affair community for FREE and start looking for that first sexual adventure.

21st Century Affairs

Casual and no strings attached relationships are here to stay and nowadays they form part of society and of everyday life. Gone are the days of arguing about going out for a drink with your friends or whether you can do something just for yourself. Nowadays if you don't get enough attention from your other half you can find someone outside of your relationship to have fun with every day of the week.

Having a secret lover can be the best way to relieve daily stress without having to invest into a relationship emotionally. On you will find thousands of people ready to have fun with.

Why have an extramarital affair?

  • You're tired of your daily routine
  • You love your other half and don't want to divorce them
  • You miss having a passionate relationship
  • You want to relive your first sexual encounter
  • You're married, not blind to flirting
  • You miss being kissed like it matters
  • To have new experiences
  • It's time to let your secret fantasies out
  • You need a place to be yourself
  • It's time to relight your romantic fire

Give in to Temptation

If you want to experience new things in life then the power is in your hands to make your most secret fantasies a reality and let your imagination run wild. Once you find the next person you want to have a secret affair with, you can plan and explore your deepest darkest fantasies together, you can travel and reconnect with your passionate side. Let yourself fall in love again, let yourself feel raw emotions again but most importantly, take control of your romantic life back.
Why not give into temptation once and for all? Fall in love with someone close by or maybe meet someone in a distant place, the choice is yours to experience what you want to and not worry about anything but being free and happy.

Dating for Married People

Join the community for extramarital affairs designed especially for you. A discrete affair should be, put simply, an escape from your mundane life that lets you relax and let your wildest fantasies run free!

There are many affair websites but not all sites are created equally, a lot of them are just casual sex sites. is an affair dating community designed for extramarital affairs where people are like minded and want the same things. Joining is easy, fast and free.

Finally, a website where you can cheat safely

Having an affair nowadays is a lot easier than it used to be. Part of it is becauase our mentality as a society has evolved for various reasons. In a world where one salary isn't enought to cover family bills, staying married or being in a commited relationship is more than just a matter of love and rather sometimes a matter of mutual convenience.

Being part of a loveless marriage where external reason are keeping you together can be tedious and discouraging so why not seek love, affection or simply a release for your sexual frustration, outside of your marriage. A lot of our members have strengthened their relationships thanks to having a short term affair and escaping their daily lives with their long term partners for a period of time. Daily arguments and mundane life tasks help to destroy your sense of desire and passion with your partner so maybe being wanted and needed for a while will restore your inner power and let you reclaim the forgotten love you had for your partner.

On we just wanted to give you a place where you can explore all your possibilities before deciding that your current relationship has no future. Learn about yourself and whats missing in your relationship and in yourself a maybe having a secret affair will help you. Join free and jump into a secure and anonymous community designed especialy for you.